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Flash Flyer - SakuraHow to design Custom Cards in general?
Leaving this as an open-ended prompt because the playerbase is divided on how to address it.

General mentalities
* Design conservatively in anticipation for what Konami may release sometime down the road.
* Design liberally and focus on what we DO have available / is known to us.

Following design mentalities
* Dislike generics because of high potential for abuse.
* Fine with generics because they can fit in nearly everything and not mandate archetypes get "X" to deal with "Y".


* Preference for quicker Decks / probable OTK.
* Preference for slower Decks / more control.

* Decks that are mono-archetype and don't like incorporating other archs.
* Decks that run well with outside archetypes to deal with each other's problems.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all possible aspects of card design factions, but a general idea. For this, use the thread to discuss your personal tastes in design.

DO NOT criticize other members for their preferences; remember that we all have different ideas and the toxicity that arises from these discussions when done wrong is why people leave in the first place.
As a starter, I'll just say what my opinions are in terms of this (or how I deal with my cardmaking).

General mentality: I've said this a few times before, but I'm not a mind reader nor do i have any insight into what Konami is doing right now (obviously, I don't work there and I have no "eyes" in the company). As such, I just work with whatever is available at the moment and then adjust accordingly as we move along.

Don't get me wrong, I do adopt the conservative approach at times and lately, I've had to nerf some customs in 2019, however in designing cards, I can only work with whatever is known/available.

But Sakura, you're an engineer! Shouldn't you be adopting a conservative approach?

While it is true that in my major that conservative design is the way to go (and this has some correlation with card design), it is NOT comparable to designing custom cards.

I have to be conservative doing engineering design (see factor of safety) to account for known risks that can be predicted / calculated using established methods, meaning that it's stable enough to the point that previous tests / calcs derived from them can adequately determine what needs to be done. (Also the fact is that I have people's LIVES in my hands should something go wrong due to a liberal design or didn't give self enough leeway for the long term.)

In card design, this is not the case. While I do not know if Konami actually playtests their cards or they just send them out for the playerbase to exploit, the issue here is that Konami is unpredictable and can/will change the game at any time. We do not know what they have and it is impractical to try to predict every single thing they will do. If I try to preempt Konami's ideas, either things may be overbalanced so much that they suck or conversely, power creep Konami and things become less fun.

If you break something in Yugioh, what's the worst thing that will happen? The GAME probably dies because people quit, but does anyone lose their lives or property? No.

Opinion on generics: I don't really mind them too much, though I personally suck at designing them (mostly because "there's already a ton of them; how can you make something that doesn't overlap but yet isn't terrible).

Playstyle: I mostly design stuff that can win quickly enough because of time.

Before anyone from earlier generations complains, I respect your right to want to enjoy having a nice long game akin to the anime, but I don't like wasting my time or anyone else's time. Also to reference my curriculum, [1] Don't waste unnecessary resources if not needed and [2] TIME = MONEY.

This doesn't mean that I like Decks that can FTK/OTK because being on the receiving end does suck, but moreso I'd rather design stuff that can win in a reasonable timeframe.

Ultimately, it depends on what I feel like designing, but I'd like to not waste people's time/resources.

Speed/co-op Decks: Most of my stuff is generally mono-archetype to prevent some abuse, however I am not against the fact of using external engines to make things work if needed. I don't really like things like Danger! Thunder Dragon Orcust Phantom Knights (see multiple archs).

I might edit this or clarify a few points later, but yeah.

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