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Draconus297Tribute to the Onna
Barring anime ace monsters, Dragonna-bugeisha is the single card with the most specific support to itself, thanks to being given an utter smorgasbord to work with in terms of good backrow and solid fodder for its self-revival effect. Naturally, this begs the question of what the strongest possible tooling of her support is to make the Warrior/Dragon hybrid invincible. 

The Challenge:
Make a legal (40 min./60 max. Main, 15 max. Extra, following the AGM-approved banlist) Decklist built around Dragonna-bugeisha and as much of her specific support as possible. Generics and tech cards are all but expected, so feel free to pick anything you think you need (Dictator Dragon can probably function as a secondary Main Deck boss should you choose to go that route, for instance).

The Reward:
One (1) "Help Me" voucher, which entitles you to call me in to fill in support gaps in an archetype, get a second opinion on anything you need, etc. It's basically an IOU that only bars monetary help because I'm broke.

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