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Flash Flyer - SakuraDeck Rulebook
Self-explanatory stuff, right?

1. Site rules apply.

Whatever's written in the rulebook (either the announcement or News thread version) applies.

2. Tag your Decks.

You'll notice there are thread prefixes: TCG, OCG and Custom. These tags represent what banlist you are designing under. It doesn't matter if your Deck is using solely TCG or OCG cards, or if you are mix and matching for potential releases.

It will be assumed by default that you are designing under TCG's current list with any cards available, regardless if they are region-exclusive or not. If this is not the case, choose the appropriate tag (and mark the banlist you are using).

Decks with custom cards should use the [Custom] tag. If more interest is generated, we'll make a separate area for customs to avoid confusion.

3. Post a Deck list underneath pics.

There's over 9,000+ cards in the game right now, so don't expect everyone to have a working knowledge of every single one, nor be able to see the cards on a screenshot.

And while I hope none of you get scolded for this, please don't be a jackass and make your lists hard to read.

4. Parameters

Another assumption is that you are Deckbuilding online where budget is not a concern, and you don't have any side constraints like thematics, flavor, etc.

If you have any constraints such as cost (likely for RL), inability to get certain cards at the moment or whatnot, mention them in the opening post.

5. Deck criticism.

By posting a Deck list, you acknowledge that other members may critique you and suggest fixes. You, as the topic creator, need to address said critique in a civilized manner.

While you don't have to make the changes, don't be that guy who rejects critique altogether or is rude towards reviewers. If you have a reason for not making the changes, explain why.

On the reviewer side, don't be a jackass towards members and say their Deck choices are shit or something along those lines. In addition, explain why certain choices should be made if you make suggestions.

tl;dr, explain yourself and don't be a jackass when giving/receiving critique.

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