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Flash Flyer - Sakura+ Showcase Rulebook +
These are the rules that will govern this section. Most of them are very simple.

1. General site rules apply.

Needless to say that whatever rules that govern the entire site also apply here. Please read those over if you haven't already.

2. No posting artwork that you didn't make yourself in some capacity.

In a nutshell, don't repost someone's stuff from deviantArt or whatever art site and claim that you made it. That will get your thread locked, and potential warn points. The exception here is if that is from your site/profile, etc.

This rule doesn't forbid using renders, stocks, etc that you didn't make, but you need to have put in some amount of work on your part to utilize those resources in a piece. If you do use stuff from elsewhere, please make sure you credit/link back. A URL to the source in question is usually sufficient.

3. Fan art.

Fan art, tracings, etc of stuff from a licensed/copyrighted franchise are allowed here, unless otherwise barred by relevant parties.

Example of fan art and derivative content that is barred would possibly be LoTR (Lord of the Rings / Middle Earth), in line with the wishes of the Tolkien estate. You may read it here for information.

Most franchises do appreciate fan art as it shows appreciation and that they're doing their job right to attract new blood, but do check if your work falls into one of the rare exceptions like the above. You probably should not worry though.

4. Permissible content.

Refrain from posting artwork/content that would be classified as Mature or Adult in places like deviantArt, FurAffinity, Pixiv, etc. Basically, no posting excessive gore, sexual content, violence, offensive terms/slurs, etc. Artwork with explicit profanity should not be posted here.

5. Critique.

In a similar vein to Custom Cards, you are required to be civilized with any CnC (comment/critique) and to not berate the user for their design quality. Not everyone is a professional artist/GFXer or has skill in it.

Rating is okay, provided you give some details to it.

6. Artwork complaints.

In the event that your work is being utilized without permission, the following process is to be followed.
- PM a moderator with both the link to the thread allegedly using your work, and proof of your own. Provide any relevant files to back up your claim, such as PSD, XCF, KRA or MDP (FireAlpaca). I do not have SAI or other programs installed.
- An in-thread inquiry will be made in the thread to request proof of work from the other member.
- Files will be cross-checked to verify if they are the same or different.
- If same, user in question will be requested to remove the work and thread locked, with any penalties for ripping to be determined based on severity; otherwise, claim will be dismissed.

The above process is generally for intra-community disputes. For cases involving work outside of this site, the process is similar. If members outside of this site wish to file a claim, please do so using the Contact Us link at the bottom left of the page, and follow the directions below.
- Title your email "Artwork Complaint"
- Provide links to the thread in question using your work, and to the location where your work is located.

Do not post complaints in-thread, or you will be penalized. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure matters are handled discreetly and avoid publicizing drama.

This is probably a very rough version based on anticipated activity, and is subject to updates at any given time as needed.

Please let a staff member know if you have questions.

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