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Flash Flyer - Sakura+ Decoding YCMaker's Password + (2020 Edition)
This is a very old counting game from YCM, where the member base posts numbers in ascending order before a staff member comes around to reset it to 0.

(Of course, given the low user count right now, you can figure out the rest)


And no, we are not decoding YCMaker's (or any user's password) on this site or anywhere else on the internet.

It's just a title that got used in jest, even if I did have access to modify YCMaker or Falling Pizza's accounts in the ACP during the back half of my mod term on YCM.

Needing to spell this out for Jon the MyBB server owner (or anyone not privy to YCM humor) so they know that we really aren't hacking anyone's accounts or promoting that.



I suppose I'm not exactly staff.

Technically, you are staff given the icon, though as of right now, there really isn't too much mod stuff that would need to be done. If the member base picks up (which I sort of doubt will), then maybe.

This game would go a lot better with more members, but...that probably will not happen until I fix that registration bug with the Privacy Policy.

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