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Flash Flyer - SakuraRyume Starter Pokemon
Please note that I copy/pasted this on Poke Card Maker several years ago, and made a few changes. So...some things might've gotten changed over time (and no, I still haven't fleshed out the entire dex)

Show ContentGrass Deer line:

While deer aren't endemic to Hawai'i, we do have a couple on Molokai (albeit used for venison and stuff, I think, due to overpopulation)

Show ContentFire Cat (so Gamefreak probably was spying on me to some extent, hmm...):

Uh, I think this was supposed to be a reference to volcanoes and stuff with cats, considering we do have active ones on Big Island (see Kilauea eruption in 2018).

Show ContentWater Rabbit:

Torrent Sword (BP 80) - Essentially a Water version of Shadow Ball
Speed Breaker (BP 80) - Special Psychic version of Extreme Speed
Geyser Shock (BP 130) - Water version of Overheat and Leaf Storm
Wave Cutter (BP 120) - Water version of Solarbeam
Chaotic Hurricane (BP 100) - Psychic/Special, Shukaigi's signature move; allows it to deal damage ignoring abilities and/or type matchups and attacks the lower of the opponent's defensive stats. (If used on something like Metagross or Jirachi OR a Dark type, damage is 1/2. Everything else works as normal)

Rupturing Pulse (BP 100) - Fire equivalent of Ahipoki
Valor Sword (BP 100) - Steel Physical equivalent of Chaotic Hurricane

Honestly though, I should probably change Rupturing Pulse a bit (though it was originally a Ground move b/c Ahipoki was initially a Fire/Ground). So yes, it is technically going to be murdered by any decent Ground move now with its Typing (plus Shukaigi basically kills it). So...maybe I have to up the speed on Ahipoki so it can do things.

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