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Flash Flyer - Sakura+ Creative Writing Rulebook +
(Partially copy/pasted from Stardust Sapphire or my early derivative of YCM. But yeah, putting these here for when things start ramping up)

1. All general site rules apply.

Do I need to elaborate on this.

2. Tag system.

While this site is generally catered towards those 13 and over (and will permit a fair amount of crude humor, language and other things appropriate for a teen/young adult audience), you need to tag your fics, so we know who your fic is appropriate for.

Basically, just tag them G or PG (with the latter containing a certain age bracket that this would be okay for). Examples include PG-13 (for general teens) or PG-16 (for older teens). For the time being, no M rated work (or things that contain implied explicit content) and definitely no adult fics, otherwise you will be banned for the latter.

Ergo, no yaoi/yuri fics, especially of actual people. (That can be considered libel / defamation of character, etc, and could lead to potential litigation)

3. Script format.

This is allowed for the most part, but it is on you to make sure everyone can understand how it works (if this isn't for actual plays). For fanfics, you should probably just write it out like an actual book.

4. Content.

You can keep them single franchise or branch into multiple universes at once, do cross-canon and OCs, etc.

Provided you keep your stuff forum-appropriate, there isn't any restriction on what you can post here.

For all I care, you can make a furry version of Yugioh (for example). Just don't go into the "dark side".

Fanshipping is perfectly acceptable, but please put a disclaimer in opening post as some people may not appreciate pairings. The level of intimacy will depend on the rating given, but the absolute rule on this is no sexual interactions (or don't make it explicit).

5. Separate chapters into different posts so easier to read.

Remember that the character count is 65,535 per post (though may be less depending on MyBB's software). Ideally, you should probably do 1 chapter per post (and leave the opening as an index of sorts), but depending on length, you may be able to add multiple chapters in a single post.

But yeah, don't be like me and put whole text walls.

6. Member conduct.

Writer: By posting your stuff here, you agree to receive critique and not take offense at a user saying your writing is terrible / any improvements they offer you (among other things)

Reviewer (everyone else): While you may be a tough critic, it does not excuse you from being disrespectful, nor does it excuse attacking other members for their writing style.

7. All fanfiction/creative writing must be in English.

Provided you at least have a workable translation into English, you can post foreign language fics. (Google Translate is okay)

I didn't make this rule, but it is required for CreateMyBB forums to have content in English, otherwise we get shut down. I'm well aware that many of you do not speak English as your primary language, but remember that not everyone knows your native language.

8. Please spellcheck your work.

Yeah, make sure your spelling/grammar/formatting mistakes are dealt with (or are at least unnoticeable) before posting. Again, not everyone can speak/write "proper" English, but just check the formatting.

There is no issue if you accidentally mix US/British English in text, among other things.

9. Necrobumping.

You may bump your thread at any time, but you must have an update (new chapter, content, or an announcement of sorts), else your thread will be locked.

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Any questions, feel free to ask over PM.

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