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Flash Flyer - SakuraNew registrations
Dear Neo AGM members and guests,

As of right now, 4/7/2020, I have been alerted to the fact that the registration system currently does not work in part due to the "Privacy Policy" question not mentioned.

[Image: PUNlczA.png]

(I took this from Stardust Sapphire, or otherwise, Sakura's version of YCM. This is what you should be seeing on the registration page)

[Image: XIkOKNr.pnghttp:]

(This is what our screen looks like, which does not have this question.)


I do not know what happened or how long it had been occurring, but I will try to figure out what's going on.

Until the matter is resolved, I will make a temporary guest registration forum where you can request your details and stuff. You may find it here under Guest Registration / Sign Up. Notice that only guests and staff members can view this; members already in here cannot.

This section will be removed once things are fixed.

Otherwise, you can notify me on Discord or something with the form.
Because of how MyBB is structured, I can't just let you make a thread in this section without logging in.

Therefore, the workaround will be to login into the AGMaker account. Its details are as follows.

Username: AGMaker
Password: NEOAGM

You cannot access the UserCP on this account, which is designed to prevent people from hijacking it (including changing the password).

Once you are on the account, make your application thread in the Sign Up forum below (go here) and then log out.

By design, all threads are hidden from non-staff members so only we will see your application. Once approved, your account will be made manually via the ACP and you shall be emailed a filler password. You need to change it once you successfully login for security reasons.

I realize how convoluted this is right now (and I do apologize), but this will have to be the registration process for the time being. Though considering that I don't expect YCM levels of activity here, this may not be too much of a hassle (least for now).

Otherwise, the alternative is for me to make a Google Form for you to fill out (which probably might be a lot easier), but requires me to actually check / get notified.
I probably should've gone with the Google Doc idea the first time, but yeah, I've updated the Sign Up forum to be a redirect there. Link is still the same.

Though, the difference between the on-site registration and this form is confirmation of your age (under data protection laws and stuff). Only I will know what you put down because it's hosted on Google and not here. Most of you should just see the basic essentials and confirmation that you read the privacy policy.

Just note that everyone will be held to the same standards, regardless of age.

If you have any questions, just mention them.
As much as I like the Google Doc idea, that's also dependent on me actually checking the form on a regular basis. But as Google likes to hide it often (and I don't always check the email associated with it, which is same one I have for this site), might not be good.

Last resort is for you guys to just shoot me a DM on Discord with the general info:

Username: (Keep it between 3-30 characters)
Nickname: (What do you want us to call you)
Email: (Will need that to send you notification that "yes, your account has been made")
Have you been in AGM at any given time? (Membership at any time is not required and you can sign up later; all sections of the site barring the AGM specific areas are open to everyone)

Again though, I'd like to have the registration system fixed so you guys can do it on your own, but until things are fixed there, just gotta deal with it.
Because the registration is still broken, I've removed the option for manual registration in the ACP (which is just me turning it off; it can be turned back on later). That way, those of you who miss this announcement and go to register aren't shocked.

Will need to make this a big announcement on the forum index.

I still have no clue what the hell happened with registration and still trying to figure it out (by comparison with Stardust).

Again though, you can still sign up for the site, but it's probably advised you message me on Discord with the required info as I'll likely see it faster than the Google form.
Hi everyone,

I still have no luck (or rather, time) in fixing the issue regarding the Privacy Policy change that was added, and yes, manual registration is still disabled. Registration is still open, but again, you should probably message me on Discord for that (or some way).

Otherwise, the AGMaker account is another option you may use, with a second account in case first one is busy. Passwords should be same.

Honestly, the best way really would be to message me on Discord, though Google Form is probably a safer option at times that everyone can fill out.


This is mostly why this had to be added, and blame it on GDPR rules in Europe.

Once again, registration is still open but I'll have to manually create your account, which may take some degree of time to process, given my day job nowadays.

If the demand gets higher, then I'll maybe look into opening a support ticket for this.
Then again, you can also use the Contact Us field at the bottom of the page (which wouldn't require you to register at all), and I only remembered that now.

But yeah, if we go this option (and it'll definitely land up in my email where I can see it), just make sure you tell me that it is a registration request, and provide your name. (You'll be asked for your email, so I'd advise using the one you want to sign up with)

Will figure out the rest later on.
For newer members who see this message, you may click on the AGM Sign Up forum link to be redirected to the Contact Us.

As mentioned in the forum description, please do the following if you want to sign up for an account.

1. Label the subject as "Member registration".
2. Type your desired username in the message field, making sure it is 3 - 30 characters long and forum appropriate. Please note that kanji and non-Latin characters may take up 2 character spaces each (and may not render correctly to everyone).
3. Type in your desired email in the box, so you can be contacted once account has been made. Please ensure you have access to that email.
4. Make sure you agree to follow the rules and understand the Privacy Policy (you know, the one that's causing the registration system to eff up). Most of it is common sense, but as stated above, Privacy Policy is there due to some data rules in Europe that require adherence (even if we are hosted in the United States)

Other than that, yeah, hopefully this is a bit simpler to work with, as opposed to having to use the AGMaker accounts (which are still around) or filling out a Google form.
To prevent confusion while stuff is being dealt with, manual registration has been temporarily disabled.

Again though, new members are always welcome, but in an effort to somewhat keep things under control (should we get disruptive users / spambots) and yes, the current problem with the Privacy Policy, account registration will be done via the AdminCP.

If you want to join us, please shoot me (or Draconus) a memo on Discord. That's probably the fastest way to get in contact with us.

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