Forum Announcement: + Rulebook +
1. Respect all users on this site.

While you may not always agree on everything that gets discussed, it is on you to treat everyone here properly. This means that any form of behavior that is seen as disrespectful, such as flaming/trolling, name calling or discriminatory remarks of any nature (including unprovoked profanity) is forbidden; whether itʻs publicly on the site or via PM where only staff can address things.

This should be self-explanatory; treat other members how you would like to be.

If you have an issue with a member or something else, resolve it maturely or take it up with a staff member to have it dealt with.

Breaches of this rule will be severely punished. Messages with the intent to cause harm to another user will be immediately deleted and your account banned. There is a zero tolerance policy for this.

2. Permissible content.

A. Do not post illegal content or hacks.

This includes, but is not limited to:
- Information and resources relating to hacking and/or obtaining works illegally (includes torrents / streaming sites for anime/manga/videos/etc.)
- Promotion of terrorism (including cyber-terrorism)
- Real-world information about a member such as addresses, SSN, etc, without the written consent of the member in question.

B. No adult or explicit content.

This includes, but is not limited to the following:
- Discussions of sexual acts/favors (e.g. kinks, sexual positions, intercourse)
- Overly risque / nude images
- Animal genitalia
- Gory/disturbing images (e.g, decapitated bodies, burning alive, excessive blood)
- Fake/joke links to places that contain these.

If you are unsure if something you want to use violates this limit, PM a staff member. As far as card art goes in this regard, anything more suggestive than the OCG probably isnʻt permissible here, but check it first.

3. Necrobumping

While I do not foresee this to be an issue (at the moment), if a thread has no replies for 30 days, then you should make a new one to discuss things.

This limit is relaxed for custom design threads.

4. No mini-moderating

What is mini-modding / backseat moderating?

It is defined when a forum member acts like a moderator or administrator without having the authority to do so. This can include making any kind of “helpful” correctional comment that would normally fall to a moderator, such as informing people that they are violating site / section rules, saying what they would do if they were a moderator or otherwise stating that a thread is off-topic. 

If you wish to help us, please use the Report button (or PM if that's broken) to notify us of any posts that break either the rules in this thread or specific rules written for particular sections. Mini-moderating is not something that should be done. If your name is not on the forum team list, you aren't a staff member.

These rules are subject to update with or without notice.